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Love is illutible. It’s written in the stars July 26, 2010

RT @osmarjardim Love is illutible. It’s written in the stars

July 26, 2010

Dear @StarOfSavannah
You have my permission to use, if you wish,  "Love is illutible. It is written in the stars".   in your lovely collaborative project. You can use any part of it, or all of it.  "Love is illutible. It is written in the stars" was posted on twitter on July 26, 2010.

I wish you success!

Best Regards

Osmar Jardim
Curitiba - Brazil

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The LOVE project: A Collaboration

Interested in collaborations? Yeah, me too. In fact, Jon Powles' (@JonPowles on twitter) project, in which he sewed together micropoetry written by various authors on twitter to create lyrics to a song, has captured my interest. I think that his project is genius and I cannot wait to hear the performance of the song. That said, I am interested in creating a collaborative project, too. I would like to use twitter as a platform to find others who might be interested in contributing to this project. Please know that you will receive proper recognition for your contributions. Unlike Jon Powles, I do not intend to make music, though there might be a musical component to this project. Instead, I am interested in creating a creative multimedia project, which could include written prose, poetry, spoken word, music, sculpture, paintings, sketchings, film, photographs, performance, etc. The topic of this collaborative project is love. If you are interested in being a part of this collaboration this is what you must do: 1) Create your contribution (ALL WORKS MUST BE ORIGINAL AND OWNED BY YOU), 2) Put your contribution on the internet (i.e., blog, youtube, twitpic, twitter, etc.), 3) Send me a link to your contribution via twitter (I am @StarOfSavannah), and 4) You must give me permission to use it in this collaborative project. Please know that if you send me a contribution I may use any part of it, or all of it in this project. Once the project is completed, I will put it on the internet, giving credit to all contributors.

BUT WAIT! That's not all!

Once the project is completed, I intend to analyze the methods used to complete the project and I hope to write a scholary essay on the ways in which twitter has made creative collaboration at a global level possible. I also hope to be able to analyze the limitations of this type of collaboration and consider the potential opportunities that twitter can offer in the future.

Now that you know what I'm hoping to accomplish, are you interested in contributing to this creative collaborative project? I can only hope so.

Questions that might help to get you started: What is love? What does love mean to you? Where can you find love? How does love look, smell, feel, etc.? What do you love? Who do you love? If love were a color, what color would it be?

I hope that you'll contribute to this project. Remember, you can send any type of artistic contribution as long as it is your original work and it pertains to the theme of this project. Further, remember that you must give me written permission to use your contribution in this collaborative project. Finally, if you're interested in participating in this project, remember to use twitter to send @StarOfSavannah a link to your work. Deadline for submission for this project is December 10th, 2010.

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